Written by Luiza Sadowska

The Ugliest Sound

Danae Mastoridou

Calliope Panagiotidou-Terzopoulou

Stella Pouli

Luiza Sadowska

The form of happening consists of several events which are unconnected and happen simultaneously. In our happening we have 4 events.

First event:

- vis a vis exhibit "Trough" by N. Sepetzoglou one girl is standing and offering two glasses of water - one of them is salted, another one is mineral.

Second event:

- next to the exhibit "On the shoulders of giants I have a diver down" by N. Sepetzoglou, another participant is playing on ney the S.O.S signal in Morse's code - as an answer to the project "The diver drowned drawing drones".

Third event:
- two participants stand next to the exhibit " The history of the European Spirit" by A. Voussouras, while one is recitating "This is beautiful" another one is trying to reach the most ugly sound on the violin.

Fourth event:

- Playdo - we present our recorded improvisation in Playsound (instead of playground) - each instrument is called DO - the game is called Play-Do. Everyone from the team is participating.



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