Εφήμερες ηχητικές παρεμβάσεις μικρής κλίμακας, performances, παρτιτούρες και διαμεσικοί πειραματισμοί ανακοινώνονται λίγο πριν συμβούν στο ΚΜΣΤ και το διαδίκτυο, καταγράφονται και επανα-χρησιμοποιούνται σαν υλικό για σχολιασμό, ερμηνεία και σύνθεση.

Transient, small-scale sonic interventions, performances, scores and intermedia experimentations, announced and advertised shortly before taking place at the SMCA and online, and then documented and re-cycled as material for commentary, intrepretation and composition.


A walk through ‘Interference’, the first live sound act performed in the ENIGAMI exhibition space, as part of Noise:Muse,
on Thursday 12/5/16 at 5pm.


Andrew Raffo Dewar (saxophone)

Danae Stefanou (feedback)

Stephen Katsavos (electric shaver)

Evi Makatounaki (accordion)

Calliope Panagiotidou-Terzopoulou (violin)

Luiza Sadowska (clarinet)

Recorded by Yannis Kotsonis

Unexpected sonic interference courtesy of the film crew shooting the new Greek Tourism Organisation promo video